"Do you want to sell your Spring Hill sinkhole house? We'll Buy your House As Is!"

Sold August 31, 2006!



  • 3 Br 2 Bath 1,535 sq ft +/- 2 car garage
  • CB Construction
  • Year Built 2002
  • Sinkhole damaged
  • Central Air-conditioning
  • Requires 200 yards grout remediation


DRILLING FLUID : In order to stabilize a borehole, cool the drill bit, and flush cuttings out of the bottom of the hole, a mixture of water and drilling mud (a preparation that contains clay and other solids) is circulated through the borehole during drilling. This mixture is termed drilling mud or drilling fluid.




Apex Acquisitions & Holdings, LLC. is an investment firm. We are CA$H buyers who are interested in purchasing homes in Spring Hill and surrounding areas. We will give you a FAIR offer "on the spot".

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